Books, Books, and More Books!!!

This is Becky Creer checking in. One of my all time favorite things about Demeter and the flying program is (Now this is when Debbie is not the one with the controls) there is a lot of time for good reading. I like the idea of the probe flights (its where you go and fly out for several weeks and make sure all is well) because you have a lot of good reading time! I have done some simulations. Debbie lasted about 5 minutes before she purposely crashed into an asteroid out of sheer boredom, but I lasted for  8 hours, which apparently is a record. They actually had to shutdown the simulation. I was so sad I was in the middle of my favorite chapter in Tale of Two Cities. I guess most trainees cannot handle the isolation factor very well at first. Captain white said I was a natural. He had a bit of a sardonic grin.

Well I am heading out. I need to go finish that Chapter! It is to a far better read than I have ever read before!

Becky Out

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Framed Again!!! This getting old…

So once again I have been framed! Whoever is doing this is going to get a beating when I find them. Granted I like the style, but I disapprove of framing someone else. If you going to do it than take the credit. grrr…So this time someone rewired the food vendors to only provide caramel coyote ice cream, so no matter what you say you want to eat thats all that it delivers. Its getting ridiculous! They are threatening to put my in solitary confinement. I had nothing to do with this holliganism…


Someone has stolen my identity, or something of that nature, I have gotten blamed for numerous offenses on Demeter,and it wasn’t me! Please note that I will happily own up to any mischief that I have done. Did I deny the stealing of the dewsnips, the paintballing of the cafeteria, or any of my other hooliganisms? No! I have been perfectly honest and up front about my mischieviousness. Someone apparently put a form of super glue on Director Steermans office so when she went to stand up the chair came with her. She claims I did it out of act of revenge for her making me buff the hall. But I didn’t do it. I am innocent… for once. But when I find out who is responsible war is eminent.

Return of Debbie

So the garbage lids were a great idea… except they scratched up the floor… so we just spent the last several hours buffing the floors…. can I tell you how much that sucked. Director Steerman personally came and supervised the event… Merry Christmas to us… The good news is they didn’t confiscate our paintball guns… So after fixing the floors we went and had a mass paintball war for hours… The guys trounced us… (I swear ryder cheats maybe he’s bugged cynthia or myself… how else could he always know what we’re going to do?)… We also opened presents today…. I love presents… I snuck Ryder a second present… its called a flow… think a skateboard, but no wheels. In fact one of the guys who made back to the future II was a Demeter alumni and lifted the design for the movie. Ryder was thrilled. I was rather pleased with myself. Anyways, Merry Christmas…

The Director strikes back

Man not only did we have to clean up the cafeteria, but we were also assigned to general janitorial staff for 2 weeks on top of our other duties. But its ok… This gives me access to all sorts of goodies. The foamanator for one… it spits a thick layer of foam everywhere. Sooooo… we might have found a hallway that was practically abandoned and foamed it. Best sledding ever… all we had to do was sneak out a couple of trash can lids and were flying down that hallway at about 20 mph. What makes it even better is we created a jump, oh and the hallway is pretty spick and span. Yep no dirt down that way. Ryder even tried the jump… he screams like a girl. But I love my dear big bro anyway. Cynthia thought it was cute. some people…

Icecapades– Demeter Style

Its near Christmas… And the capital of Demeter doesn’t get snow… sooo I decided I needed some snow to feel like it was Christmas. Becky, Cynthia, and I decided to make it a girls day out. I flew a hopper flight (in record time I might add) and then we caught the train. We put on super warm gear and kicked out. We got the weirdest looks from the research teams as we were making snowmen and snow forts. Little did we anticipate the attack. Ryder and his goons (Joel, and Randy) had caught the train behind us and attacked us in our bliss. An all and all war broke out and I white washed Ryder!!! Cynthia and Becky handled Joel and Randy. In the end we all grabbed lots of hot chocolate and some chicken soup with rice and caught the train home… It was an all and all a good day, and now it feels more like Christmas. Nothing brings the spirit of the season like white washing a sibling 🙂

Dewsnip Cookies

I am amazing, and of course I mean that as humbly as possible. Becky and I were hanging out today and were curious if we could create  new recipe with Dewsnips. Everyone makes them into dewsnip jelly but we wanted to see how far they could go. They turned out great. Granted we probably could never replicate the recipe, but my oh my are they good and sugary! We go in a little be of trouble because we stole the dewsnips from Hondo. Now there is someone you don’t want to have to out run… And to be honest… we didn’t steal them… I did…. Becky was appalled when Hondo confronted her about it. But then I slipped him a cookie and all was better. Can I tell you the relief. I felt like I was in front of a firing squad and the ready, aim commands had been given, but then right before the fire the commanding officer had a change of heart.