Adventures in the Mountains

Becky here– Doing altitude training in the mountains is fascinating. They have us do a lot of running up the mountains. Its not the easiest thing I have ever done, but it sure is fun. I do enjoy running. I got in trouble with our trainer though because I was enjoying the scenerary and running at my own happy pace, but apparently I was supposed to be going as fast as I could. 

The concept behind this altitude training is to prepare our bodies to be able to handle the thin air and adrenaline of being in a dog fight. Its mandatory for all pilots. Even for those of us who aspire to  merely go on patrol. They constant quote we hear is “be prepared for anything” Debbie is kind of handling it well. She tends to take off sprinting at the begining and then dies at the end. Where as I always start off at a descent pace and then continue to hold that pace throughout. I always pass Debbie, which seems to upset her a good bit. I just laugh and realize we are a real life version of the Tortoise and the Hair.

Becky out–


Becky and Cynthia checking in– So we have

Becky and Cynthia checking in– So we have decided that we are going to start a support group for surviving victims of Debbie’s escapades. We figured it would create an atmosphere of healing, which might calm down some very irate Cryellian officers (Duncan Steerman being chief among them). This idea came to us as we started to see the same look in their eyes when the see Debbie coming as we imagine a lynch mob would have right before the hanging. In fact Becky here has woken up on many occassions with that very nightmare. For some reason she reports that Debbie is laughing manically as she is being hung and telling them all she’ll get even. Whats sad is if something like that actually happened we picture that would be Debbie’s actual response as she’s dangling and grasping air. 

Anyways we are seriously hosting a meeting. Anyone who wants to attend is welcome. 🙂

Becky and Cynthia out

Corrupting influence

This is Becky and Cynthia– We have decided that Becky is an corrupting influence. She has been hanging out with some of the female Cryellians… Nothing wrong with that… but I think the officers in the Cryellian side of things seem about to murder her. She has them cat calling the men. She even got them to cat call Randy and Joel. We have never seen them turn soo loud. 

Becky and Cynthia Out

Becky Talking in her Sleep is the best :)

So Debbie here… real quick.. Becky talks in her sleep periodically… and last night she had the best quote ever… it was sooo random. Usually she’s muttering Shakespeare or Dickens, but last night she sat up in her bed and loudly proclaimed,  “I’m not a cowboy. I’m a princess.” and then laid back down and rolled over. I had to leave the room I was giggling soooo hard. 

Well I have to sneak off.. Debbie out…

Ludy Bunch Part two is up… and more news to follow shortly

Happy News the Ludy Bunch Part Two is up and running read it on the website

Mean while more news will be forth comming on random tidbits, but can I just say… If the Per-sian League ever attacks Demeter I will be able to take out their entire fighter squadrant in 1 hour. Also I think I could handle one of their mother ships single handedly. – Debbie


The reason for this reasoning is based on a bunch of the arcade games they have on Demeter.– Becky

It is not!!! I’ve been flying endless hours of simulations!!!– Debbie

Debbie “War for Demeter” is not a simulation.- Becky

But Natalia said it was… that rat.. I’ll get her for this!!!– Debbie

Debbie calm down… I’m pretty sure this is pay back for one of the millions of small humilations you have put Natalia through– Becky

You might have a point… but this still will not stand! I have a repuatation to up hold!- Debbie

No, no you don’t– Becky

Thats it were finishing this discussion face to face!- Debbie

If you insist, but I’m bringing Cynthia- Becky

Thats just playing dirty. How am I supposed to be able to get both of you to see reason?– Debbie

Thats why I’m bringing Cynthia. I need to be able to continue to see reason after the torrent of twists and turns in logic you like to use.– Becky

I do not use… all of that— Debbie

Yes Yes you do, but thats why we love you– Becky

Really?– Debbie

Really. Ok we will see you at the cafeteria in five minutes.– Becky


So this is where Debbie has been blogging…

Randy and Joel here. We knew Debbie has been blogging for quite some time. We have never been able to figure out where or how to access it, but now we have found it. Victory to us. So its time for people to get the real story of whats been going on. We would like to make it clear that Debbie has started all the trouble. The rest of us are just hapless victims of her misadventures. Not that we complain too much. Its always fun to see what she’ll do next. Man though you should have seen her when she got back from the SFWC. She was on a high. Kept telling stories after stories about funny things she had done and how much everyone loved her, but hey that’s Debbie for you… She told us one story about how she was in a room with about 50 other people waiting (which means there were probably 10 other people)  for two presenters to arrive. The presenters were late, and Debbie says she just couldn’t resist so she walked up to the podium and welcomed everybody to the 2013 Veterinarian Conference and told them the presentation that night was going to be about spading dogs. She claims half the people in the room looked really confused and were about to get and leave, but a couple of the people she had befriended at the conference (man does she make friends quick)  called out that it was a joke. According to Debbie the room broke out into laughter. 

Anyways we weren’t sneaking on here to talk about Debbie the entire time. She does that enough for everyone. We want to talk about us. So today we were training with our K-15 units, which are like those suits on the first GI Joe’s movie, But waaaaaaay sweeter. In fact the guy who designed those apparently spent some time on Demeter, but that’s another story. So we got to help excavate a small tunnel on the surface of Demeter.Nothing too big. They were just helping us learn all of the functions. After we made the tunnels the Slick commander had us practice our close quarters combat in the tunnels. It was super sweet! It was like the ultimate game of hide and seek meets WWF! Below is a picture we found that is close to what the K-15 looks like.