Fun in the Medical Ward

Cynthia here…

So today we had the craziest thing happen. A cryellian thought it would be a big practical joke to release a wild wallaburg, a creyllian predator that looks like a cross between a moose and black bear. Well there were some hikers who had never seen a wallaburg before and since Demeter has no natural predators they started to approach. They thought when the thing was growling and baring its teeth that it was purring and smiling… needless to say we had some very injured hikers, a demoted Creyllian Captian (now a cadet),  and a dead Wallaburg (after the security team caught it they had to put it down). Fortunately everyone is going to be ok. What I don’t get is why they thought it was purring or smiling. Anyways I have to go.

Cynthia out

Its time to balance out some of this estrogen

Randy and Joel here– The girls have being hogging all the blog lately. Girls. And they are whining about a bit of up hill jogging… what pansies… we had our own training and it was brutal it hurt like crud. We were told the training we went through would cause Navy Seals to pass out… in fact it apparently has… we never want to hear the word Burpee ever again!

Well thats all for now folks.

Randy and Joel out

Adventures in the Mountains

Becky here– Doing altitude training in the mountains is fascinating. They have us do a lot of running up the mountains. Its not the easiest thing I have ever done, but it sure is fun. I do enjoy running. I got in trouble with our trainer though because I was enjoying the scenerary and running at my own happy pace, but apparently I was supposed to be going as fast as I could. 

The concept behind this altitude training is to prepare our bodies to be able to handle the thin air and adrenaline of being in a dog fight. Its mandatory for all pilots. Even for those of us who aspire to  merely go on patrol. They constant quote we hear is “be prepared for anything” Debbie is kind of handling it well. She tends to take off sprinting at the begining and then dies at the end. Where as I always start off at a descent pace and then continue to hold that pace throughout. I always pass Debbie, which seems to upset her a good bit. I just laugh and realize we are a real life version of the Tortoise and the Hair.

Becky out–