Is Hillary Clinton from Xander? Could she be Nova Prime?

Aloha – Perhaps its just my conspiracy theory acting up again.  After all the DDF from Demeter is well known for covering up any knowledge of alien life in the galaxy.  So perhaps its not surprising that I see a striking resemblance between Hillary Clinton and Nova Prime.  Could she be a long lost daughter of Nova Prime, or even Nova Prime’s mother.  It’s difficult to say with today’s surgical whims available to celebrities across the galaxy.

Now comes an intriguing question.  Can we get a birth certificate for Ms. Clinton, or like Barrack is there strong evidence that she was also not born on this planet?  Would she make a good President if we ignore the obvious likelihood that she is from Xander rather than Earth?  Hmmm… Nova Prime was willing to stay in the Capital city when it was being destroyed.  I really didn’t see much evidence that Nova Prime was a great leader other than being willing to go down with the ship.  Guess the verdict will remain out on that.  Perhaps the sequel will give us better insights into her aptitude for actual leadership.

Meanwhile, brace yourself for a Xander native’s bid for the presidency on Sunday.