Aloha – I’ve been busy over the past year.  I completed the editing of two books as yet unpublished:  Salt of the Earth and Project Lilliput.  Then I took a break.  I’m now starting my tenth manuscript, Seven.

I had four books or series of books that I wanted to write when I started writing science fiction about ten years ago:  the first was a YA Science fiction series that was intended to be three books, but to tell the story completely it became five books.  I wrote them for my grandchildren in my own style, but reminiscent of Heinlein.  I had two other ideas for books that I completed:  Project Lilliput was a what if story.  What if we shrank all animal life including humans, with humans being about two inches tall.  The environmental theme was in the background, and then of course, what if the science did not completely work?  What if birds, snakes, and cockroaches were resistant to the science?

Salt of the Earth was my effort at a serious piece of literature.  I believe it is the best thing I have written from a literature perspective, but I also believe it is a great story related to politics, economics, and mining asteroids.  And no, it is not boring.

So what is Seven about?  The last of the stories I started with ten years ago was a space opera.  This is intended to be high adventure, and more action than the earlier books.  I still have two elements that dominate my writing:  (1) trying to develop sympathetic characters, and (2) an optimistic future.  So if you’re looking for the popular dystopian theme you don’t want to read my stuff.  I find that publishers find me too 1960s for their taste.  I do have strong female characters, but it is still more focused on young male characters.  What little sex is involved is very traditional heterosexual in nature.  I have no problem with the LBGTQ community, but they are not front and center in the universe I write about.  So you are unlikely to see anything I write anywhere but Amazon 🙂