Icecapades– Demeter Style

Its near Christmas… And the capital of Demeter doesn’t get snow… sooo I decided I needed some snow to feel like it was Christmas. Becky, Cynthia, and I decided to make it a girls day out. I flew a hopper flight (in record time I might add) and then we caught the train. We put on super warm gear and kicked out. We got the weirdest looks from the research teams as we were making snowmen and snow forts. Little did we anticipate the attack. Ryder and his goons (Joel, and Randy) had caught the train behind us and attacked us in our bliss. An all and all war broke out and I white washed Ryder!!! Cynthia and Becky handled Joel and Randy. In the end we all grabbed lots of hot chocolate and some chicken soup with rice and caught the train home… It was an all and all a good day, and now it feels more like Christmas. Nothing brings the spirit of the season like white washing a sibling 🙂


Flying around and the like

So as I was flying on patrol today I was thinking about my dear brother Ryder. He is an odd one. Growing up I always enjoyed teasing him. Can I tell you the joy I had when i first found out that he had a crush on Cynthia Flores. It was glorious. Granted he has really good taste, but man one mention of her name and he would go bright red. 

But in reality he thinks so much I worry about him. It can’t be healthy to think that far ahead in life. I mean look at me I am alive and healthy and I don’t think more than 5 seconds ahead if that. Its sad when the little sister always has to rescue the over thinking older brother.