Holding our breaths

Becky, Cynthia, and I are constantly looking over our backs… In fact Cynthia has gone so far as to use a mirror to look around corners… personally I think she has read too much Harry Potter. But again no one can really fault you for being too careful. We actually went so far as to find a way of locking our underwear and other drawers… The problem is we are going against Ryder and heavens knows I have never won a battle of wits with him yet… if any of ya are the praying kind we need all the help we can get… if your not… hope for the best… 

Nothing brightens your day like a little bit of trouble :)

So a few days ago I was talking with Cynthia and Becky at the lunch table… we were quite innocently eating our lunch… when we saw Randy and Joel walk in… They had impish grins on their faces and approached our table with their cheeks puffed out… and then it happenend.. right as they got up to us they pushed on their cheeks and white powder came raining down on us… it was powdered sugar… Cynthia, Becky, and I looked like ghosts…. the war was on… We were able to sneak into the boys rooms… Cynthia and Becky poked about nervously trying to think about what we could do… and the flash of genius struck… I went to the boys underwear drawers… I got a big sack and we stole all of their clean underwear 🙂 we then proceeded to the Medical area… and filled the sack with water and tossed into one of the freezer departments. It will take the boys two days to locate their underwear at least and man will they stink 🙂 or so we will tell them. 


So today was tithe day… basically like a sunday on Earth. Everyone takes it easy. If people have a certain way they want to worship whatever they worship they take the time to do so. I took a hike today up one of the nearby mountains. It was gorgeous. There is something absolutely stunning about taking sometime by yourself to enjoy everything and let your head clear.