We’re number 2 but we’re trying harder

Aloha – The story of Ryder, Cynthia, and crazy Debbie has been enjoying great distribution with our free weekend at Amazon.  Demeter is the first book in a five-part series about some Terran teens trying to survive and bring peace to a long standing war between the Perseus and Sagittarius Arms of the galaxy in Orion’s Spur.  This week we released volume 3, Defending Demeter and in celebration are giving the first volume, Demeter, away as a Holiday gift.  Get your copy this weekend while the offer lasts :o)  Best wishes, Doc


Demeter Series launch party T- a couple of hours

Aloha – We are having a launch party in celebration of the Demeter science fiction series.  Volume 3, Defending Demeter is available now at Amazon.  Hint:  You’re welcome to buy a copy of Return to Demeter and Defending Demeter, but don’t buy a copy of volume 1, Demeter tonight :o)

Return to Demeter is available at


Defending Demeter is available at