Randy and Joel checking in– We decided to make some mild modifications to our living accommodations. We originally had bunk beds… well technically we still have bunk beds, buuuut we were able to get Hammocks hung in our room as well as a make shift loft made from this fabric that has the same strength as steel. It is sooo awesome!! We just created a second story in our room. 

Well Randy and Joel out

Becky and Cynthia checking in– So we have

Becky and Cynthia checking in– So we have decided that we are going to start a support group for surviving victims of Debbie’s escapades. We figured it would create an atmosphere of healing, which might calm down some very irate Cryellian officers (Duncan Steerman being chief among them). This idea came to us as we started to see the same look in their eyes when the see Debbie coming as we imagine a lynch mob would have right before the hanging. In fact Becky here has woken up on many occassions with that very nightmare. For some reason she reports that Debbie is laughing manically as she is being hung and telling them all she’ll get even. Whats sad is if something like that actually happened we picture that would be Debbie’s actual response as she’s dangling and grasping air. 

Anyways we are seriously hosting a meeting. Anyone who wants to attend is welcome. 🙂

Becky and Cynthia out

Low Gravity Repelling

Joel here– Randy and I had an awesome adventure!! We went to the surface and you can repel down some of the deeper craters in K15 suits. It was sooooo much fun. We use the blasters to push off while we hold on to bungee cord. As we shoot out the bungee hits its max and snaps us back to the wall. Granted we had to be very careful not to use too much of the thrust otherwise we would snap the cord.  It was super exhilarating. If  we tried doing something like that without our suits we would be turned into a gelatinous soup. Anyways I have to head off.