Can we even stress how much we hate midterms on Demeter! Well not all of us. Becky and Cynthia are ridiculous. They actually are more relaxed because of midterms. The rest of us are trying to survive. More tomorrow!

Doc’s Interview with Intergalactic Book Critic, Algernon Pisces

Algernon Pisces:  When did you start writing Demeter?

Doc:  I started writing the first draft for Demeter four years ago.

Pisces:  First draft?

Doc:  Yes, Demeter has been through several edits and revisions.  I’m still revising it today; but mostly grammatical corrections.

Pisces:  I notice that you changed the opening chapter.

Doc:  Speaking with prospective agents I was told that a death nail to opening chapters was when a book opened with the alarm clock ringing.  After hearing that warning repeatedly I finally changed it.

Pisces:  Did that make the book better?

Doc:  Better is a relative term.  It brings the reader to action faster.  I liked introducing more background on Ryder up front.  The narrative works well either way.

Pisces:  So are you planning to write anything now that you’re done with Demeter?

Doc:  Actually Demeter has been written as a series.  Each book has its own story arch, but as a series it has a much larger scope and arch. 

Pisces:  So you’ve already written the whole five books?

Doc:  Yes, all five books are completed in first draft status.  However, only the first book is near ready for publication.

Pisces:  So, when is the first book coming out?

Doc:  One way or another it will be out next year.  The only question is whether it will be released as a hard copy, e-book or both.