Reflections on Crunch Time

This is Cynthia. I know we gave the general report already about how we all did on our evaluations. However I want everyone to know they were not easy. I had to lock myself away in the medical lab the entire week before the evaluation. I reviewed everything I had been taught. I went over the operation procedures for every piece of equipment, and I even studied out things that I did not remember being taught. I didn’t want to take any chances. In the end I am still surprised I did as well as I did. I guess it only goes to show what happens when you give a 100 percent.

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An Apology and Report Card

This is from the entire Demeter Crew. We are sorry this last week and half we had evaluations on our progress in our various assignments. Finals week has nothing on those evals. You feel like every five minutes someone is going to jump out and correct you. Granted the staff doing the evals weren’t harsh. It was just the over all pressure. The only one of us who didn’t seem to be to worried was Debbie. She was quite confident that no matter what they threw her way she could handle. Annoyingly enough for all of us she did just what she claimed (the only trouble she ran into was the test on procedures which she claimed was bogus). The test indicated she was a born fighter pilot. Her ego has never been higher. Becky spent the week reading over all  the procedures and of course aced her way through the procedures. Her test indicated she was prone to be a probe or scouter pilot. Ryder did great on his evals and apparently set a new record for the highest eval in overall strategy.  Randy and Joel did great on their evals. The blowing things up part was cake for them, but listing all appropriate protocol and operating procedures for the K15 was a little bit of a struggle. Athena did great on her evals. Apparently she has the geological layout of Demeter memorized like the back of her hand. Cynthia has been boosted up two levels on her internship with the medical staff. Somehow her mind soaks up all of the information and application of the medical science on Demeter. 

Well that’s the wrap up on why there has been so much silence and how everyone did. The usual postings will continue as normal. 

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