Who thought reading would = training

Randy and Joel here–

Now don’t get us wrong we like our WWII films as much as anyone, especially the great escape. However imagine, here on Demeter, light years away from earth we have been assigned to read The Far Shore. It is all about how the D-Day invasion took place along with its subsequent effects on the Overlord Plan. We even have to write papers dissecting the entire process from the planning to the tactical. Granted there are a lot worse things we could have to read, like girly books such as Jane Eyre, but man this coming paper is going to be a long one. Well we gotta get reading. 

Randy and Joel out


Can we tell you how trippy it is being a fictional character? Of course we can. Man writers complain about rewrites? They should try being edited. You feel all sorts of weird happening to you. Reality (our reality) starts to unravel you never know what’s going to change. Is it your dialogue? Your hair? or are you suddenly going to have feathers? It is a most uncomfortable feeling, but now it is all over we feel even better. In the fictional sense, what doesn’t erase you only makes better. (Quite literally in Debbie’s case-Ryder)

RYDER I’ll have your Head!-Debbie

We are with Ryder- Randy and Joel


Children behave or more edits might come, by our suggestion– Becky and Cynthia

Now everyone is behaving themselves, the link to the first fifty pages, freshly edited is http://demeterseries.com/the-book.html


Oh my gosh… I got to play around with a real fighter day!!!! Corkscrews are the best and funnest thing ever… followed closely by doing a back flip… oh oh don’t forget flying upside down… soooo much fun! I had to call it an early day because my whimp of an instructor vomited, I swear Aster Freeport has the weakest stomach in the galaxy. Becky’s instructor also called it early because apparently Becky thought they were out on a pleasure cruise and didn’t realize she needed to do dog fight maneuvers.