Return of Debbie

So the garbage lids were a great idea… except they scratched up the floor… so we just spent the last several hours buffing the floors…. can I tell you how much that sucked. Director Steerman personally came and supervised the event… Merry Christmas to us… The good news is they didn’t confiscate our paintball guns… So after fixing the floors we went and had a mass paintball war for hours… The guys trounced us… (I swear ryder cheats maybe he’s bugged cynthia or myself… how else could he always know what we’re going to do?)… We also opened presents today…. I love presents… I snuck Ryder a second present… its called a flow… think a skateboard, but no wheels. In fact one of the guys who made back to the future II was a Demeter alumni and lifted the design for the movie. Ryder was thrilled. I was rather pleased with myself. Anyways, Merry Christmas…

3 thoughts on “Return of Debbie

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  2. I hate to acknowledge that you might be right Debbie, but Ryder does have a security bug, that you don’t. So it is possible…

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