Finalizing a cover for Haumeah – New Science Fiction

Aloha – Sometimes developing cover art for a book is as challenging as editing.  I have been working for two months via email with the person who has done the covers for the first three books in the Demeter series, for book 4:  Haumeah.  It helps me better understand the challenges of the whispering game :o)

We’re finally to a satisfactory cover.  It’s not exactly what I had in mind, but we’re up to close enough.  Of course when a graphic artist is trying to visualize a story from perhaps half a chapter of information it makes sense that we would sometimes have challenges; especially when my artistic abilities in art are trying to make a stick figure.

The following was what I sent the artist on the third iteration:

Let’s see.  (1) the domes are grounded inside the asteroid.  (2) there are ways to walk between the domes, but they are buried.  It actually comes up at one point where the locals find it humorous that visitors have to keep suiting up to move between the domes, when they actually have tunnels.  These would not be visible from the surface.

Scale seems to be a challenge here, so let me make some assumptions that might help:
1.  Assume that the interior of the asteroid is pretty much hollowed out although not evenly, so there would be rocky crags and so forth, but basically empty space.  
2.  There is no atmosphere, so the domes are a necessity
3.  Think about the interior of the asteroid as about the size of Idaho, in other words a couple of hundred miles inside the asteroid
4.  the domes themselves within that scale are mostly bunched adjacent to each other.  Most domes would be about a mile or so in diameter.  The Capital dome itself would be three to four times larger than the other domes. 
5.  All told there are a dozen larger domes plus the capital dome.  There would be several others in the general proximity of the capital, but probably no more than two dozen.  
Does that help?

I will say this for the artist, she is diligent and patient with me.  The close enough art work is satisfying if not exactly what I had in mind.

We’re up to the verbiage for the back cover.

 In book 4 of the Demeter series, William Ryder credited with saving Demeter from an alien invasion;  building an alliance with the PerSians and now determined to set the Orion Spur free from the Ten Thousand Years War.  The first step to his plan is to build an alliance with the hostile mining world of Haumeah, that also supports the second of three way-stations between the Perseus and Sagittarius Arms of the galaxy.  But before that he has to face three unexpected challenges.  Returning to Earth he has to learn how to drive a car, meet Cynthia’s father, and make a life altering decision. 

I expect to release Haumeah on Amazon within the next two weeks.

Meanwhile, if you have not had a chance to read any of the Demeter series, the first three volumes are available as e-books on Amazon.  You can read the first couple of chapters for free :o)  Doc

Ceres – That’s a little better

NASA Probe Sees North Pole of Dwarf Planet Ceres (Video)

Aloha – That’s a little better.  We have been pretty much in the dark, since the Dawn probe began closing in on Ceres.  Actually, it looks surprisingly like how I describe Demeter in the Demeter series.  This is the first reasonable close up we’ve gotten, at 21,000 miles.

In the coming months better and better detail will be available as the Dawn probe begins its 14 month mission to Ceres, closing in to about 7,000 miles above the surface.


Which will have the better story? Pluto or Ceres?

Aloha – It is turning into a great year for NASA with deeper probes into the Solar System.  Two stories I’m following (and report on regularly in this blog) are the Dawn probe to Ceres (what are those flashing lights or reflections coming from the long deemed dwarf planet in the Asteroid Belt/) and the New Horizon’s probe that has spent nine years moving toward what used to be our furthest planet, Pluto.

Pluto is a common source of debate… is it a planet or a dwarf planet (oversized asteroid).  Either way, Pluto has five moons and Earth only has one; that should be worth something.

Unlike Ceres where the Dawn is working toward a closer and closer orbit, New Horizons doesn’t have fuel to accomplish such a close examination.  Instead it will do a near fly-by (closer than 8,000 miles) and Charon, the largest of Pluto’s moon, and then continue on deeper into the Kuiper Belt looking for additional insights into the formation of the Solar System.

Want to know more?  the rest of today’s story is at

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Wormhole travel?


Aloha – I’ve touched on this before, but what a great artist rendering

So we face a few challenges when it comes to wormhole transportation.  Granted, if possible, it appears likely that much like Farscape, we could potentially cross to another part of the galaxy, another galaxy, or perhaps the middle of nowhere.  So, extraordinary radiation levels comes to mind, exotic matter (what the heck is that… we probably don’t know because it is exotic).  Then there is the relative size of wormholes… much smaller than the old Disney film The Black Hole or most other rendings of the same.  It would be hard to get a spaceship into something the size of a postage stamp.  Did I mention that they are extremely unstable.

Still, in my mind the big issue remains, so what.  If we stick with the theory that we can only move at speeds approaching the speed of light it might take decades to get to the right worm hole, then where do we come out?  It might be decades more of travel to reach the nearest star.  I’m all for exploring, but I’d like to think it had a different purpose that just taking a stick and walking into the wilderness of Alaska… actually that has some merit.  Beautiful scenery before the bear gets me.

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Transmission from the Pegasus intercepted

Aloha – We have a wiki-leak.  The Parks Observatory apparently captured a communication between Captain Jonah White commander of the Interstellar craft, Pegasus.

“It was a silly mistake,” White acknowledged.  My co-pilot thought she had turned the communications system to stealth mode, instead she accidentally turned it off.  I take full responsibility.”

Meanwhile, DDF security had to scramble to cover up the communication as the observatory personnel were getting excited that they had actually identified radio waves from outer space with, perhaps, important messages for humanity.  DDF security managed to plant a story that the actual radio waves were in fact easily explained as someone microwaving noodles and that the microwave itself created the signal.

DDF was happy to report that the story seemed to calm the UFO enthusiasts.

What was the message that was intercepted?  It actually did have to do with food.  Captain White had simply sent a dinner invitation to the Ryder family currently residing on Earth.

For the rest of the story


Is Hillary Clinton from Xander? Could she be Nova Prime?

Aloha – Perhaps its just my conspiracy theory acting up again.  After all the DDF from Demeter is well known for covering up any knowledge of alien life in the galaxy.  So perhaps its not surprising that I see a striking resemblance between Hillary Clinton and Nova Prime.  Could she be a long lost daughter of Nova Prime, or even Nova Prime’s mother.  It’s difficult to say with today’s surgical whims available to celebrities across the galaxy.

Now comes an intriguing question.  Can we get a birth certificate for Ms. Clinton, or like Barrack is there strong evidence that she was also not born on this planet?  Would she make a good President if we ignore the obvious likelihood that she is from Xander rather than Earth?  Hmmm… Nova Prime was willing to stay in the Capital city when it was being destroyed.  I really didn’t see much evidence that Nova Prime was a great leader other than being willing to go down with the ship.  Guess the verdict will remain out on that.  Perhaps the sequel will give us better insights into her aptitude for actual leadership.

Meanwhile, brace yourself for a Xander native’s bid for the presidency on Sunday.


Moon runs stops sign and crashes into Earth?


Aloha – Not really new news, but more and more scientists are getting on board with the notion that the Moon was once a Mars sized planet that collided with the Earth.  Naysayers have argued that the composition of the Moon is too similar to the Earth to be a foreign object.  But new arguments are being fielded that planets and planetoids at similar distances from the star (or in our case the Sun) are likely to have the same basic composition.

What are some other alternatives?

1.  Earth was once a larger planet that was hit by something else and split apart with part of it becoming the Moon;

2.  God organized the Earth from matter unorganized and just dumped the leftovers into what became the Moon

3.  It’s a giant conspiracy by right wing militants.  There really isn’t a Moon at all.  It’s just a big light bulb in the sky, and defense contractors have been slid NASA money under the table for years to develop weapons of mass destruction (think an extended version of Capricorn One).

4.  Elvis is alive and its just his mansion in the sky.