What’s 4x longer than the Grand Canyon and twice as deep?

NASA reveals best photos yet of Pluto’s jumbo moon Charon

Aloha – Charon, the moon of Pluto that is nearly half as large as the planet itself boasts the Grander Canyon.  Along it’s equator are several large canyons, the largest of which is in fact four times longer than the Grand Canyon and twice as deep.  The moon itself looks and feels a bit worn out.  It looks a bit like a soccer ball with a slow leak that has seen too many goals, or perhaps a better comparison is how much it looks like the last marshallow I roasted over an open flame.  With all the attention for “The Martian” release I thought getting back to Pluto today could lend us a reality check… although free flowing water on Mars still holds my attention.


Barsoom and Mars have ocean and water in both versions

Jaw-dropping images give us a first glimpse of Mars' liquid water

Aloha – With each passing discovery I wonder more and more if Edgar Rice Burroughs wasn’t onto something.  First we have the discovery of one ocean on Mars, just as Burroughs wrote in the John Carter series, the atmosphere existed but disappeared over a period of millennia, with its dying atmosphere being held in check by a giant power plant.  There was flowing water that was gradually drying up.  So far the only thing we haven’t found is the giant power plant.  John Carter must have really been floating back and forth between Earth and Mars or Barsoom.  Perhaps he is still alive.  I hope Dejah survived with him.

The news of free flowing water certainly does make for a who new encyclopedia of questions.  Stay tuned.


Goreified – Now we have the Mormon’s declaring the end of the world?

Okay, all these end of the world stories are share came home this weekend.  Now there is a story out there that the Mormons think the blood moon or Super-Moon combined with an eclipse tomorrow night signifies the end of the world.  Great!  Now I can’t go to church tomorrow.

For those familiar with Mormonism beyond the wild anti-Mormon legends and the misconception that the splinter groups are in fact the mainstream of that religion realize this is a bunch of Goreification.  Nonetheless, it grew to a point where LDS Church leadership actually responded to debunk the panic.

Meanwhile, come out from under the beds; no need to duck, roll, and cover.  Rather go out tomorrow night if your skies allow it (Sunday night) and enjoy a sight we won’t see again for about 18 more years.


Comic Con Salt Lake Continues high on a mountain top

Comic Con continues into its second warm day in Salt Lake City, with one day to go.  Dean Gorman, the good looking dwarf from The Hobbit and the Weasley twins from Harry Potter are running the entire marathon for three days, but Friday brings us the Winter Soldier himself from Captain America.  But Saturday brings us Agent Carter, Captain America himself, and Falcon.  If that’s not enough I can’t resist making another plug for the Utah Symphony Concert tonight featuring its Sci-Fi spectacular featuring Marina Sirtis from Star Trek Next Generation.  The show starts at 7:30 tonight and tomorrow night.  Best show of the symphony with the possible exception of the 1812 Overture in Deer Valley.

Comic-Con Salt Lake City

Aloha – Welcome back to Salt Lake City, ComicCon.  If you’re stuck in lines with nothing to do, feel free to download a free copy of the sci-fi novel, Demeter at Amazon this weekend only


The Utah Transit Authority is offering extended hours for of operation for TRAX trains headed into Salt Lake City.

Something of special interest if you aren’t aware is that Friday and Saturday night the Utah Symphony is doing it’s annual Science Fiction concert at Abravanel Hall at the other end of the block.  I’m missing out on the Conference, but will definitely be making it to the Concert this weekend.


Supersize it Sunday night – The SuperMoon is upon us

Aloha – For many in North America, this Sunday will be the opportunity of the generation.  We have a SuperMoon Lunar Eclipse coming to North America.  The next one is scheduled for 2033; the last one was in 1982.  For many in my generation, this will be a last chance to supersize it.  It will kick off about 6:30 pm Mountain Time and wrap up about 9:30 pm Mountain Time… check local listings for a SuplerMoon near you.

The Moon’s position to light and angles to the Sun will actually make the Moon appear 14% larger than normal.  We may get a blood moon situation from the eclipse that will certainly panic a certain percentage of the population who might miss this news.

The question for me is where to watch it.  I could enjoy it from by 300 sf treehouse, or to avoid the city lights I might take a trip up a local canyon.  For me the verdict is still out.  For you?  Remember, next opportunity is 2033.