Orion and Orion’s Spur

Looks like NASA was successful in their test flight of the system that will ultimately take us to Mars.  A good article is available at http://news.yahoo.com/nasa-tries-again-launch-orion-spacecraft-085238083.html  I enjoyed watching an extended clip of the launch earlier today.

In other news related to Orion’s Spur, I did make headway on proofreading Haumeah over the last couple of days.  Ryder faced his greatest challenge yet, and perhaps most humorous as well.  I hope to finish the proofreading of Haumeah in January, then I can get started on the final book of the series, Orion’s Spur.


Aloha – An interesting day in NASA news that is a bit ironic for my series.  The setting for the entire series is Orion’s Spur, which is also the title of the last of the five novels that will probably be out sometime in 2015.  Meanwhile, NASA was planning to launch an Orion craft today, which is intended for deep space exploration.  However, in this case deep space is defined as Mars.  I’m a fan an wishing NASA well.