The Director strikes back

Man not only did we have to clean up the cafeteria, but we were also assigned to general janitorial staff for 2 weeks on top of our other duties. But its ok… This gives me access to all sorts of goodies. The foamanator for one… it spits a thick layer of foam everywhere. Sooooo… we might have found a hallway that was practically abandoned and foamed it. Best sledding ever… all we had to do was sneak out a couple of trash can lids and were flying down that hallway at about 20 mph. What makes it even better is we created a jump, oh and the hallway is pretty spick and span. Yep no dirt down that way. Ryder even tried the jump… he screams like a girl. But I love my dear big bro anyway. Cynthia thought it was cute. some people…

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