Corrupting influence

This is Becky and Cynthia– We have decided that Becky is an corrupting influence. She has been hanging out with some of the female Cryellians… Nothing wrong with that… but I think the officers in the Cryellian side of things seem about to murder her. She has them cat calling the men. She even got them to cat call Randy and Joel. We have never seen them turn soo loud. 

Becky and Cynthia Out

Protocols should all be burned

Debbie Here– How on earth is anything ever accomplished with there being things like protocols in this world! All they do is muck everything up and there are waaaaay too many to be able to even have a clue as to what they all are. And whats worse is the few important protocols get mucked up because of the dumb trivial ones that no one ever tells you. And then they flip out on you because you didn’t know about/abide by the fickle protocol that in actuality conflicts with multiple other actually important protocols. What makes it worse is you can tell that their blow up is over something completly unrelated to the miniscule protocol breach, but rather the breach was their excuse to blow up at you. In fact my new theory is such protocols are created to make it possible for the beaucrats to yell at and justify it to themselves. 


Debbie out

Interesting Patient

Hello Everyone,

This is Cynthia. I was working in the medical facilities and was assigned a patient to care for. This isn’t anything extraordinary, but the patient was unlike any I had ever worked with before. Their legs had been shattered in some form of mining accident. Usually with that kind of damage people are in agony, which is often accompanied by moaning and groaning, but all he would do was laugh and laugh and laugh. He asked several times if he it needed to be amputated and if so if he could have a peg leg. He always seems to have a joke every time we walk in. In fact we had to wheel him on a gurney for a procedure and he pulled the sheet over his face and people thought we were taking him to the morgue. Is it odd that that moment made my day? It made me think of something that Ryder would do.

Cynthia Out 🙂


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Becky Talking in her Sleep is the best :)

So Debbie here… real quick.. Becky talks in her sleep periodically… and last night she had the best quote ever… it was sooo random. Usually she’s muttering Shakespeare or Dickens, but last night she sat up in her bed and loudly proclaimed,  “I’m not a cowboy. I’m a princess.” and then laid back down and rolled over. I had to leave the room I was giggling soooo hard. 

Well I have to sneak off.. Debbie out…

Ludy Bunch Part two is up… and more news to follow shortly

Happy News the Ludy Bunch Part Two is up and running read it on the website

Mean while more news will be forth comming on random tidbits, but can I just say… If the Per-sian League ever attacks Demeter I will be able to take out their entire fighter squadrant in 1 hour. Also I think I could handle one of their mother ships single handedly. – Debbie


The reason for this reasoning is based on a bunch of the arcade games they have on Demeter.– Becky

It is not!!! I’ve been flying endless hours of simulations!!!– Debbie

Debbie “War for Demeter” is not a simulation.- Becky

But Natalia said it was… that rat.. I’ll get her for this!!!– Debbie

Debbie calm down… I’m pretty sure this is pay back for one of the millions of small humilations you have put Natalia through– Becky

You might have a point… but this still will not stand! I have a repuatation to up hold!- Debbie

No, no you don’t– Becky

Thats it were finishing this discussion face to face!- Debbie

If you insist, but I’m bringing Cynthia- Becky

Thats just playing dirty. How am I supposed to be able to get both of you to see reason?– Debbie

Thats why I’m bringing Cynthia. I need to be able to continue to see reason after the torrent of twists and turns in logic you like to use.– Becky

I do not use… all of that— Debbie

Yes Yes you do, but thats why we love you– Becky

Really?– Debbie

Really. Ok we will see you at the cafeteria in five minutes.– Becky