This is Cynthia. So Debbie and I decided if we ever wanted to assassinate Ryder we would get him  while he was running scenerios. In fact we don’t think he would even notice that he had died. Sorry, that was a little macabre. We just writer about him. Its like he’s been sucked into a vortex.

Books, Books, and More Books!!!

This is Becky Creer checking in. One of my all time favorite things about Demeter and the flying program is (Now this is when Debbie is not the one with the controls) there is a lot of time for good reading. I like the idea of the probe flights (its where you go and fly out for several weeks and make sure all is well) because you have a lot of good reading time! I have done some simulations. Debbie lasted about 5 minutes before she purposely crashed into an asteroid out of sheer boredom, but I lasted for  8 hours, which apparently is a record. They actually had to shutdown the simulation. I was so sad I was in the middle of my favorite chapter in Tale of Two Cities. I guess most trainees cannot handle the isolation factor very well at first. Captain white said I was a natural. He had a bit of a sardonic grin.

Well I am heading out. I need to go finish that Chapter! It is to a far better read than I have ever read before!

Becky Out

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Playing it smart

Man Ryder knows his sister well. This is Joel by the way. Ryder asked us all to lay low on writing on this blog until we could all “nicely” approach Debbie about sharing it. It worked! I shouldn’t have been surprised. I love psychology, and often read up on the latest journals and the like. I recently have been reading up on abnormal psychology and Debbie has become sooo much more clear. Its like she was the test subject.

Anyways, so today Randy and I were practicing dismantling explosives. Because of the protection our K-15s give us the explosives were live. Granted there wasn’t a lot of kick to them because our trainers don’t want to do any real damage to us or the units, but man it was fun. If the detonated it would knock you back about 10 feet. Randy and I realized if we timed the explosion perfectly with our backward thrusters we could fly back about 25 feet.  We only did that twice by the way for two reasons. 1. we didn’t want to get into too much trouble. 2. We really wanted to make sure we knew how to dismantle the charges. 

Anyways I have to go. We have more training exercises in about thirty minutes. I can’t wait to see what they will have be do next!


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Best video games ever!

Ryder here. Debbie is still delving into that fighter manual. I’ve never seen my sister so focused before.
Can I just say the scenerios are the most detailed and engaging video games ever. Yes they are super realistic because they are training me to be able to think in real life situations, but man I could see these programs being a hit on earth. apparently they used then as a recruitment technique in the early eighties. Hence the movie “the last star fighter”.