Oh my gosh… I got to play around with a real fighter day!!!! Corkscrews are the best and funnest thing ever… followed closely by doing a back flip… oh oh don’t forget flying upside down… soooo much fun! I had to call it an early day because my whimp of an instructor vomited, I swear Aster Freeport has the weakest stomach in the galaxy. Becky’s instructor also called it early because apparently Becky thought they were out on a pleasure cruise and didn’t realize she needed to do dog fight maneuvers.  

Books, Books, and More Books!!!

This is Becky Creer checking in. One of my all time favorite things about Demeter and the flying program is (Now this is when Debbie is not the one with the controls) there is a lot of time for good reading. I like the idea of the probe flights (its where you go and fly out for several weeks and make sure all is well) because you have a lot of good reading time! I have done some simulations. Debbie lasted about 5 minutes before she purposely crashed into an asteroid out of sheer boredom, but I lasted for  8 hours, which apparently is a record. They actually had to shutdown the simulation. I was so sad I was in the middle of my favorite chapter in Tale of Two Cities. I guess most trainees cannot handle the isolation factor very well at first. Captain white said I was a natural. He had a bit of a sardonic grin.

Well I am heading out. I need to go finish that Chapter! It is to a far better read than I have ever read before!

Becky Out

Remember to check out more on Demeter including a part of the first book at demeterseries.com

Sleep Deprivation

So one of the down sides to having so many new and exciting things on Demeter is I get distracted waaaaay too easily. I think I’ve been tinkering with a flight simulator for an hour or so and I finally check the time to discover I’ve been playing…. I mean working with it for four. Granted I am no where near as bad as Ryder… but man….Time flys… quite literally


Can I just tell you my favorite perk of Demeter? Flying is superb, pranking with upscale technology is also pretty awesome, but the winner is… drum roll please… THE MEDICINE!! I have a cold/ Sinus infection that is awful… I mean I had three different colors coming out of my nose yesterday morning… and they were all colors found on the Italian National Flag. On earth I would get a pat on the back and told (in patronizing tones mind you) to tough it out. But no all i have to do is skip down to medical they give me this stuff that goes in water and 30 seconds later I’m back up and flying. Bless mass advances in medicine. And Cynthia is my hero for tipping me off about it.


I’ve decided the worst part about training newbies is teaching them how to do the pre flight checklist. Most of them just want to rush through it. Can you imagine? Actually I hate to admit that when I first started to fly and even know I often want to rush through it. It seems so monotonous but it can end up saving your life. So in theory I think its hard to get the newbies to do the pre flight because I HATE doing the preflight… but heck if I don’t do the pre flight right it could lead to something going amiss in a few of my famous acrobatic stunts. 

More Trainees coming in

So we have more trainees coming in for flying. I love watching them I usually can start to tell which ones are going to be positive, strict, whiny, and down right fun. Granted I’m still technically a trainee, but I get to help with the younger trainees. 🙂 Its exhilarating to see the looks on their faces when they do their first triple corkscrew dive…

Moving up often feels like moving down

I really wish I could just spend all day flying. Its so nice, but alas we also have other course work we are expected to complete while on Demeter. Apparently Mr. Small thought my comments of things being too easy was annoying, soooo he increased my work load and made it tougher. He said I was, and I quote, “Moving up in the world.” As I am bogged down with more mundane homework I think to myself… this is definitley moving down. Can you believe he even had the gall to say I was promoted?