Low Gravity Repelling

Joel here– Randy and I had an awesome adventure!! We went to the surface and you can repel down some of the deeper craters in K15 suits. It was sooooo much fun. We use the blasters to push off while we hold on to bungee cord. As we shoot out the bungee hits its max and snaps us back to the wall. Granted we had to be very careful not to use too much of the thrust otherwise we would snap the cord.  It was super exhilarating. If  we tried doing something like that without our suits we would be turned into a gelatinous soup. Anyways I have to head off. 


Interesting Patient

Hello Everyone,

This is Cynthia. I was working in the medical facilities and was assigned a patient to care for. This isn’t anything extraordinary, but the patient was unlike any I had ever worked with before. Their legs had been shattered in some form of mining accident. Usually with that kind of damage people are in agony, which is often accompanied by moaning and groaning, but all he would do was laugh and laugh and laugh. He asked several times if he it needed to be amputated and if so if he could have a peg leg. He always seems to have a joke every time we walk in. In fact we had to wheel him on a gurney for a procedure and he pulled the sheet over his face and people thought we were taking him to the morgue. Is it odd that that moment made my day? It made me think of something that Ryder would do.

Cynthia Out 🙂


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