Adventures in the Mountains

Becky here– Doing altitude training in the mountains is fascinating. They have us do a lot of running up the mountains. Its not the easiest thing I have ever done, but it sure is fun. I do enjoy running. I got in trouble with our trainer though because I was enjoying the scenerary and running at my own happy pace, but apparently I was supposed to be going as fast as I could. 

The concept behind this altitude training is to prepare our bodies to be able to handle the thin air and adrenaline of being in a dog fight. Its mandatory for all pilots. Even for those of us who aspire to  merely go on patrol. They constant quote we hear is “be prepared for anything” Debbie is kind of handling it well. She tends to take off sprinting at the begining and then dies at the end. Where as I always start off at a descent pace and then continue to hold that pace throughout. I always pass Debbie, which seems to upset her a good bit. I just laugh and realize we are a real life version of the Tortoise and the Hair.

Becky out–


I’ve decided the worst part about training newbies is teaching them how to do the pre flight checklist. Most of them just want to rush through it. Can you imagine? Actually I hate to admit that when I first started to fly and even know I often want to rush through it. It seems so monotonous but it can end up saving your life. So in theory I think its hard to get the newbies to do the pre flight because I HATE doing the preflight… but heck if I don’t do the pre flight right it could lead to something going amiss in a few of my famous acrobatic stunts. 

More Trainees coming in

So we have more trainees coming in for flying. I love watching them I usually can start to tell which ones are going to be positive, strict, whiny, and down right fun. Granted I’m still technically a trainee, but I get to help with the younger trainees. 🙂 Its exhilarating to see the looks on their faces when they do their first triple corkscrew dive…

Trainee from Ishiri!!

UGH!!! One of the things they don’t tell you when you get your pilot’s license on Demeter is that you have to train some of the new recruits. Ugh is it bad if I’m tempted to sabotage the training craft because I’m pretty sure if I killed my latest trainee I would be doing the world a favor? Lieutenant Haskish has been assigned to me. I have never dealt with such a spoiled brat in my life. She goes from complaining about how she has to share her Demeter sweet with someone to complaining about how the pilot chairs aren’t nearly comfortable enough and how its unfair that she has to get her hands dirty flying because her father lost his political post back home on Crylla. Also I don’t know if I need to sabotage anything Haskish is a terrible pilot she might kill me and herself without any outside interference. I wonder if I should have Ryder run a scenario on that for me.