Personality and a new chapter up

So I thought I would add a little flavor to this… For those curious this is Debbie posting. Apparently some might think I have a flare for theatrics… can imagine who that would be. So The exciting news is I convinced Dr. Hansen to allow me to post another chapter to our webpage. If you haven’t read the section of the book that is up yet you should. I will make you laugh at least 3 times not to mention what the antics of my dear brother Ryder may accomplish. 

I thought i would oust myself and fess up who I was because I was tired of being so dry. I’ll tell you some more when I get a chance, but I have my hands full at the moment… Cursed flying protocols… they don’t let you fly and blog at the same time… But remember if you like to design work on the book cover. Winner gets a $75 visa gift card. And remember I am the best looking one of the characters involved 🙂