Ludy Bunch Part two is up… and more news to follow shortly

Happy News the Ludy Bunch Part Two is up and running read it on the website

Mean while more news will be forth comming on random tidbits, but can I just say… If the Per-sian League ever attacks Demeter I will be able to take out their entire fighter squadrant in 1 hour. Also I think I could handle one of their mother ships single handedly. – Debbie


The reason for this reasoning is based on a bunch of the arcade games they have on Demeter.– Becky

It is not!!! I’ve been flying endless hours of simulations!!!– Debbie

Debbie “War for Demeter” is not a simulation.- Becky

But Natalia said it was… that rat.. I’ll get her for this!!!– Debbie

Debbie calm down… I’m pretty sure this is pay back for one of the millions of small humilations you have put Natalia through– Becky

You might have a point… but this still will not stand! I have a repuatation to up hold!- Debbie

No, no you don’t– Becky

Thats it were finishing this discussion face to face!- Debbie

If you insist, but I’m bringing Cynthia- Becky

Thats just playing dirty. How am I supposed to be able to get both of you to see reason?– Debbie

Thats why I’m bringing Cynthia. I need to be able to continue to see reason after the torrent of twists and turns in logic you like to use.– Becky

I do not use… all of that— Debbie

Yes Yes you do, but thats why we love you– Becky

Really?– Debbie

Really. Ok we will see you at the cafeteria in five minutes.– Becky