Comic Con Salt Lake Continues high on a mountain top

Comic Con continues into its second warm day in Salt Lake City, with one day to go.  Dean Gorman, the good looking dwarf from The Hobbit and the Weasley twins from Harry Potter are running the entire marathon for three days, but Friday brings us the Winter Soldier himself from Captain America.  But Saturday brings us Agent Carter, Captain America himself, and Falcon.  If that’s not enough I can’t resist making another plug for the Utah Symphony Concert tonight featuring its Sci-Fi spectacular featuring Marina Sirtis from Star Trek Next Generation.  The show starts at 7:30 tonight and tomorrow night.  Best show of the symphony with the possible exception of the 1812 Overture in Deer Valley.


Comic-Con Salt Lake City

Aloha – Welcome back to Salt Lake City, ComicCon.  If you’re stuck in lines with nothing to do, feel free to download a free copy of the sci-fi novel, Demeter at Amazon this weekend only*Version*=1&*entries*=0

The Utah Transit Authority is offering extended hours for of operation for TRAX trains headed into Salt Lake City.

Something of special interest if you aren’t aware is that Friday and Saturday night the Utah Symphony is doing it’s annual Science Fiction concert at Abravanel Hall at the other end of the block.  I’m missing out on the Conference, but will definitely be making it to the Concert this weekend.


Comic Con is coming to Town – SLC

Aloha – Looks like Dr. Who, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones is converging on what has already become the largest convention in the state of Utah.  This week, January 29th – 31st over a hundred thousand people are expected to attend.  This is the fourth event being held in Salt Lake City, and the first of two in 2015.  Will Demeter be represented?  Maybe.  Might be a good time go get an e-book copy at Amazon and give the participants something to do while they’re waiting in line :o)

Happy New Year from Orion’s Spur

Aloha – It’s hard at times to tell where Ryder, Debbie, Becky, Randy and Joel may be or even if they’re in the same sector of Orion’s Spur.  Perhaps they’re celebrating on Cyrella (well Debbie might be), or perhaps Demeter, or Haumeah.  At least part of the team is on Earth somewhere, wishing they were back in the warm climate of Demeter.  In any event, Happy New Year from all!

Who is the better juvenile science fiction writer between Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein?

Aloha – When I think of Isaac Asimov I immediately think of the Robot series and his Foundation series.  Excellent books, but pretty heavy reading.  My favorite Asimov novel is Pebble in the Sky, which is still not what I would consider Middle School Reading.  Many people are unaware that he also wrote a delightful juvenile science fiction series about David Starr, better know as Lucky Starr.  I found the entire series in the Kinokuniya bookstores in Japan (along with a number of other early science fiction series).  They filled the hour long train home each night with adventures that took me far from the crowded trains.
Robert Heinlein wrote twelve juvenile science fiction books between 1947 and 1958.  I found eleven of the twelve totally engaging, and yes I did read all of them while in Middle School.  Going back, I do find a few are starting to date a bit.  But I still love Farmer in the Sky, which I believe was originally done as a serial in Boy’s Life.  Tunnel in the Sky is a fascinating turn on Lord of the Flies.  The Red Planet and Between the Planets is a fully engaging pair of novels that begin to connect the Solar System eco-system.  But as I mentioned in a earlier post, Citizen of the Galaxy remains my favorite.
I’m not sure how I’d rate these two great authors total works to total works, but as Juvenile Science Fiction authors I believe Heinlein in the clear winner.

Ceres and Demeter

Aloha – Interesting news that I’ll stay on top off with this blog as time goes by.  NASA’s Dawn Mission is fast approaching the asteroid, Ceres.  The story is available at:

If you are familiar with mythology you realize that Ceres is the Roman name that is related to the Greek God Demeter.  Ceres in our Solar System was the asteroid or mini-planet that I used to model the size and general description of Demeter for the Demeter series.  Again, I’ll be interested in following how this study proceeds.  I may, but probably won’t have to make adjustments to the garden world of Demeter.  From Chapter 6 of Demeter:

“Demeter is one of three way stations between the Saggitarius and Perseus arms of the Milky Way. Control of the way stations has shifted back and forth over the past ten thousand years. Demeter is relatively small, approximately one thousand miles in diameter. One of its best defensive features is that it is located between three star systems, but nearly a light year away from each of them.”

“It sounds cold,” Cynthia suggested.

“The surface is cold; too cold for human life-forms to exist. In fact, I am unaware of any life-forms that can exist at that temperature. But that is part of the benefit of Demeter….

“So we’re going to be stuck in dome cities, like they talk about putting on the moon?” Cynthia asked.

“Not exactly. Demeter does have eighty dome stations scattered around the surface. They are more like observatories and military watch stations. We actually live inside Demeter.”

“You mean we’re going to spend a year living in a cave?” Athena sounded disgusted.

“It’s hard to describe, although you have seen pictures of the interior of Demeter before. I had a mural of the islands off Arion in your classroom. But I think the best way to understand what Demeter is like is to see it for yourself. We’ll be doing that soon enough.” Miss Li smiled cryptically.

Pilot, Astronaut, President

Aloha – As I’ve posted before, much of the characterizations for the Demeter series came from my children.  Even some of the dialog at times is almost verbatim.  We get further insights into Ryder’s crazy sister in the following sequence from Chapter 4:  Outta this World, from Demeter (available on Amazon).

Over the next few weeks Ryder frequently regretted talking his parents into letting Debbie come along. She seemed twice as irritating as normal, and her confidence seemed to be expanding beyond reality.

“I’ll bet I can get the pilot to let me fly the plane,” she boasted. She would then go on to say she was going to be a pilot when she grew up. Later, she was going to join the Air Force. Then she was going to be the President of the United States.

“After that I assume you’ll be an astronaut and become a multi-millionaire selling energy drinks,” Ryder responded sarcastically.

The fire in Debbie’s eye warned him in time, and he ducked as the TV controller sailed past his head and broke against the far wall.

“Dad’s going to kill you.” Ryder laughed as he fled to his room, locking the door behind him as Debbie’s body slammed into it.

“I’ll get you sooner or later,” she screamed. “You have to come out some time.”