3 Big events for the 20 years in Outer Space

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It should be an exciting two decades in Space.  The last few years have had their own excitement:  water on Mars, two Jupiter moons, and a variety of asteroids; missions to the edge of the Solar System; the reality that there is probably life (although evidence points to microscopic life forms within our Solar System but not on our planet).  Much of this is tied to theory, but the next two decades promise some more palatable adventures:

  1. A permanent manned base on the Moon.  Frankly, I’m wondering why we’ve waited so long.  We have a permanent satellite that is manned in orbit that really requires more danger and maintenance than a base on the Moon would.
  2. Asteroid mining.  I finished a novel about this last year.  I’ll be very surprised if some version of actual asteroid mining isn’t engaged by 2037.
  3. A permanent manned base on Mars.  This one grabs all the headlines, and is actually the most costly and far-fetched.  Target dates of 2034 will likely come and go, but maybe… just maybe we’ll make it by 2037.

It is sad to be aging.  I may be able to witness these three events, but assuming they become a reality, it is the next 20 years that will really turn our lives into the science fiction novels I read as a youth.



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