Dealing with a genius and solar eclipses

Aloha – It is an interesting month as my daughter, son-in-law, and two of my grandsons are visiting.  Daniel is a genius and suffers (or is blessed with) autism.  The common definition would be ‘high functioning’ as he is an extraordinary thinker (for age 11) and moving into mainstream gifted programs.  His biggest challenge is the inability to deal socially with others.  He sees the world through rose colored glasses.

Yesterday we were at a city park and discussing the upcoming solar eclipse.  He informed me that the next total solar eclipse is on August 21st of this year.  2:33 pm is a good time to be in Idaho Falls if you want the best view of this amazing event.  Lunar eclipses are a time a dozen, but total solar eclipses are rare.  He informed me that the next solar eclipse isn’t until 2024.  We then checked, and the following event isn’t until 2090.  We then drifted into a discussion of whether he would still be alive in 2090, and he informed me that I obviously would not be.  I laughed, frankly I’ll probably be lucky to make 2024.

It turns out that if he lives to 62, then his chances of making the 2090 eclipse is 50-50.  Amazing what you can learn on a smart phone in a park.

For those interested, Daniel is a character that appears in the prologue and epilog of several of the Orion Spur series books.  He’s a super grandson with frequent quotable quotes.

Meanwhile check out your map (on a path from South Carolina to Oregon) for the exact time and place to be to see all or at least a part of the solar eclipse.

Best wishes,



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