The Debate within

Aloha – I’ve been batting a decision for several weeks now.  Drafts for Salt of the Earth and Project Lilliput are both complete.  I’ll likely publish Salt of the Earth later this year (chapters of both books are in the blog archives if you’re interested).  Salt of the Earth is a young adult science fiction novel, and probably the most complex single novel I’ve written.  Project Lilliput is a juvenile science fiction novel and more of a fun adventure story.

So the debate I’m arguing with myself about is what to write next?  Both stories have an adequate ending, but plenty of options to continue the story.  I’ve even framed out the second novel, Sea of Salt.  I also have a three-part full-fledge space opera with another fun character I’ve wanted to develop for several years.  If I start that series I’ll be tied up for probably two years writing the saga.

I also need to wrap up a non-fiction book It Aint the End of the World, which means months of editing (must get this one done).  Then should I write updates for the other two non-fiction self-help books?  Yes I should.

In the next few weeks I’ll have to make a decision as my nervous twitch that says its time to stop editing and begin writing again is starting to surface 🙂  Doc


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