Venus to Titan

Aloha – Where to move?  I’ve often debated the merits of leaving the United States and its chaotic, and for the last eight years terminally ill political system.  But there aren’t many places less bad.  An article today caught my eye about leaving it all behind and moving off world.  The five top options appear to be:  Venus, the Moon, Mars, Titan, or Callisto.

Venus (artist rendition above) used to seem like a good option if you liked tropical forests and marshes, but research indicates that when it rains it rains sulfuric acid and Heinlein’s vision of the planet may be a bit off.  Exploration options seem to be focused on exploring and/or living above the clouds.  Seems like a high energy option, plus I like cooler climates.

The Moon.  Considering the Ding Dong’s running for political office my main concern is that it is to close to Earth.  It now appears that there may be ample water and minerals on the Moon to support human colonies.  I like the idea that lava tubes are big enough to create entire cities and parishes.  Still, it seems way too close to the Barracks, Donalds, and Hillarys whose popularity make me question the IQ of the entire race.  I think it is declining rapidly.

Mars?  Certainly far enough away for a generation or two.  The lower gravity sounds good to my joints and bones.  Kind of on the dark side if you’re afraid of werewolves or vampires.  Still can they be worse than our politicians?

Titan?  Even further away.  Got a great view of a beautiful planet.  Stable gravitational pull.  Looks like there is plenty of water.  Not a bad choice.

Callisto is even further, orbiting Jupiter.  I would have considered some of the other moons of Jupiter ahead of Callisto, but not a bad choice.  I think the view from Titan would be better though.

My vote?  Titan wins in a landslide election.


If you’d like to read the original article it is at





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