Howard the Duck agrees to run with the Donald

After being rejected by almost all GOP prospects, Donald Trump has finally received a ‘yes’ to his invitations for a vice presidential running mate in his bid for the Presidency.  Howard the Duck is rumored to have accepted the invitation with a few conditions.

“The Duck and the Donald are a match made in political heaven,” reports political analysts for CNN & Fox.  They provide a powerful one-two punch in the sense of conservative common sense.

In a recently released email, from Hillary’s private email accounts while Secretary of State, she acknowledge that her greatest fear was that Donald and Howard might get together.  “An overpowering combination,” she stated.

Protesters, who protest Donald’s right to exist, are now protesting that Howard is not born in the United States and is ineligible to run.  However, Howard claims to have U.S. citizenship through his mother, and that a Hawaiian birth certificate will be forthcoming.












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