Neptune and Donald Trump

Composition of Neptune. Credit: NASA

Aloha – I was looking at an article about Neptune this morning and couldn’t help reflecting how much Neptune reminds me of Donald Trump.  Neptune is a deceptively simple planet.  The Blue tinge of the planet isn’t actually the surface, but clouds surrounding the planet, full of hot air.

The atmosphere itself is full of methane gas and as a result obviously stinks.  It is still deceptive.  When you reach what is the apparent surface of the planet it lacks substance and you would sink into a quasi liquid murky sea of liquid you cannot consume.  (Sounds a bit like Hell other than the temperature)

Finally if you sink through the muck you will eventually reach a core of rock and ice.  What is the intent and purpose of that core?  No one including the planet itself knows because it has spent so much of its existence in its facade.

Yup, it really does sound like Mr. Trump.  Maybe after he is elected he’ll rename Neptune in his honor.  He may even buy a trident.





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