Mars Near Miss

Aloha – This is the summer when Mars attacks.  Could it be on a collision course with Earth?  At this point it is closing at a rate of 30 km per second.  Here we have been worrying about collisions with asteroids and we have a full scale planet on its way to disrupt our evenings.  Disrupt, yes; destroy no.

Over the next several months Mars will continue to approach Earth through August.  At that time it will be a mere 56 million kilometers away, or 35 million miles.  To put that in perspective that would be about 140 times as far away as the Moon, or 1/3 the distance to the Sun.  If we had been ready this would have been the year for a mission to Mars.  They can be as much as 225 million km apart, that is when they are opposite each other across the Sun.

Meanwhile, the night sky will continue to get brighter with each passing evening, and it will be getting up earlier (around 11pm).  Enjoy it while you can :o)  Doc



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