Move over Klingons Earth Plans to Cloak a Planet

The laser technique could also be used to broadcast the Earth's presence in the universe

Aloha – I wondered for a moment of planet cloaking was an elaborate April Fools joke.  But no, we actually have people worked about an alien invasion if life is actually discovered to exist off our own world.  I suspect this comes to us from the same folks who want to put up permanent memorials for turkeys kills in a truck accident, or who claim that humans totally control environmental changes such as global warming.

For decades we have been trying to figure out if there is life on alien worlds.  Now it turns out that we’re afraid of actually finding that life.  The fearmongers do have a point.  If we discover an alien world and they discover us, if they have the technology to actually visit us, they are far advanced versus our own technology.  So the solution is to make like an ostrich and hide.

This new application of technology basically uses lasers to hide the fact that we’re here.  I actually started to laugh.  If all the alien technologies in the universe are as paranoid as we are then we’ll never get together because we’ll all be hiding from each other :o)





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