Planet 9 not Plan 9 from Outer Space

Aloha – The mysterious 9th planet (10th if you count Pluto) has been the subject of science fiction novels, and conjecture at the fringes of science.  Now, however, it is gaining traction in mainstream astronomy.  It is Occhams Razor in the sense that it is the most logical explanation for the counter-gravitational pull on Neptune.  Considering that Planet 9 has yet to be discovered and lies somewhere in the Kuiper Belt … making it a kuiperoid the actual direct impact of this draw is not so much visual as mathematical in nature.  This is another evidence of the need for better STEM preparation if you’re planning on a career in astrophysics :o).

Will this be the life supporting alien planet of long-ago science fiction?  Probably not.  Ten years ago I would have said it couldn’t be anything other than a large mass (rock or gas).  Now with the discoveries on Mars, the moons of Jupiter, and even Pluto; who knows what lies in the heart of Planet 9.





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