Space Exploration’s future with new Prez

So what is the future of space exploration in the next few years if any of the remaining candidates actually wins the U.S. presidency?  Pulling out my crystal ball I foresee the following possibilities:

  1. If Hillary Clinton wins the election think Capricorn One.  She may even parole O.J.Simpson so he can become one of her primary astronauts.  If you’re not familiar with the film, just think “Liar, Liar
  2. If Donald Trump wins the election he will sell NASA to Honduras in exchange for a new casino.  He’ll double down on teleportation theory in his efforts to get back to his home world… Zarquon.  Note:  UHF, Philo (who looks uncannily like the Donald, “Well, it appears that my work on this planet is finished, so I must now return to my home planet of Zarquon.”
  3. If Ted Cruz wins the election, NASA budget will be expanded to expatriate non-Texans, liberals, socialists, and non-tea drinkers.  Perhaps Dark Matter or Alien
  4. If Bernie Sanders wins the election, everyone lives on welfare and nobody cares.  The three remaining working Americans all moved to Cuba where a more free market society exists.  For some reason Space Balls and Soylent Green comes to mind.
  5. That other guy?  Hmmm…. Space 1999.




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