End of World Option 4 – Global Warming


Aloha – Global warming has been a battle cry for the liberal fringe groups for a couple of decades now.  As recently as last night a world expert, or should I say actor, Leonardo DiCaprio used the Academy Awards to pontificate his great scientific knowledge about global warming.  With Earth eventually become a barren surface much as Mars looks today?  Perhaps.  We certainly are going through a warming cycle.  The key word here is cycle.  Yes, the Earth does go through a heating and cooling cycle.  It certainly can be inconvenient for humans as well as other species.  Three thousand years ago Lebanon was a lush forested land.  Today it is mostly desert.  The best estimate is that we go through a heating and cooling cycle every 35,000 years.  There is some evidence that we’re at the extreme end of the heating cycle and will begin cooling shortly (which might be a thousand years from now).  Do humans contribute to the warming?  Absolutely.  Do humans have the capability of overruling the heating and cooling cycle of the Earth… not really.  Meanwhile, we can look at great dystopian stories that feed into the global warming model dating all the way back to Mad Max (the original).  We could also get hit with a global winter if we have a couple of volcanos erupt in the wrong place at the wrong time… consider Europe a few hundred years ago.  Doc



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