You Me and Armageddon

Aloha – There is a new show out on NBC that drew my curiosity, “You, Me and Armageddon”.  What is that all about?  I wondered.  During the first 10 or 15 minutes I was a bit lost.  A secondary character from the British TV comedy, “Spy” has the lead.  He is a banker but is dwelling on his lost love, who disappeared on their return from their honeymoon.  Things go from bad to worse for him, along with a wrongly imprisoned librarian in the U.S., and a sarcastic Devil’s Advocate (played by Rob Lowe) at the Vatican and his new assistant, a nun who basically distains people, and then comes the big announcement, Earth will be destroyed by an asteroid in 34 days.

As the show begins to get its footing I finally recognized the scenario or at least the demeanor of the show… Douglas Adams would be proud.  The central character and his friend are resonant of Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  If your mind can work in the weird sort of way then this show may be for you.

The starting point is the bomb shelter where 15 people are watching the final minute countdown until the asteroid ends life on Earth.  They will be the survivors, but from what it shows (not all characters are revealed in the first two episodes) it is a group of misfits that just happened into the right place at the right time… still unclear.  The show has a pattern to follow as it becomes a one day episode countdown from Earth destroyed minus 34 days.  Episode 1 is day -34, and Episode 2 is day -33.  I assume it will continue to follow that countdown.

Will it make it on network TV?  It may be too eccentric for the network audience and advertisers.  The closest thing to it in the past couple of years is Gallavant, which has a solid, weird fanbase.  They may like this too.  I like it better.





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