End of the World – Option 2 Yellowstone

Aloha – Okay Option 1 was an Asteroid Armageddon, next let’s take a look at extinction through volcanic activity.  Within human-kind’s history we’ve already had a couple of unsettling events.  Volcanic activity resulted in a mini-ice age in Europe just a few centuries ago.  Yellowstone has the potential of reeking havoc with all of North America, and probably generating a more substantial ice age for other parts of the world.  It has a major eruption approximately every 600,000 years, and we are overdue.  Still in perspective, the odds of one occurring in any given hundred hear period is around 6,000:1.  That is pretty high if you compare it to the 11 million:1 odds of being killed in a plane crash.  Still the odds are such that you are more likely to die in a car crash sometime in an average life span 470:1.  So a geyser view cabin in Yellowstone is still a better bet than driving to work every day.





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