When you could walk from the Earth to the Moon

Latest theory on the history of the Earth and the Moon, is that a Mars size planet called Theia ran a red light and T-boned the Earth, resulting in the Earth and the Moon relationship we have today.  So at one time, Sea of Tranquility was mere footsteps away from Central Park, while Machu Pichu in Peru is actually remains from Theia for example.

One thing I’m curious about, is how, after such a collision the Earth and Moon (theorized to be two separate pieces of the collision that came back together) turned out to be relatively round.  Gravity fields working the debris field back into a ball?

There are lessons to be learned from such theories.  For example, if this is correct, then there may be hope for the GOP.  For example, Theia (in this case Donald Trump) comes in and shatters the party.  Natural gravity draws the party back into a new whole with Donald Trump merely being drawn in a path that allows him to moon the GOP every night.  Just trying to get a takeaway from the theory :o)




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