Black America Calls Foul at the Academy Awards

Aloha – No Black nominees for acting awards at this year’s Oscars.  Will Smith’s wife cries foul.  It is an interesting accusation that is legitimately skewed by demographics.  But if anyone should be calling foul it is neither the Black population, nor the White population; it is the relatively silent Hispanic population.  The Hispanic population has a much better case of crying about not being nominated for major awards.  And what about the Asian-American population, zero wins.  Since 2004, I count 28 major award nominations and seven wins for Black nominees in key categories.  That is slightly under the population representation of the country, but within the margin of error.  Granted, their have been no nominations for Black actors in 2014 or 2015.  But in 2013 there was a nominee for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, a win for Best Supporting Actress, and a very rare nomination for a Black Director.

It is hard not to believe this is Jada making a very public tantrum for and behalf of her husband who did a nominee worthy performance in his latest movie.  So what?  There were dozens of other actors:  Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, and probably Native American as well who were not nominated.  It is the luck of the draw.

I love Will Smith roles, almost always.  He certainly deserved a nomination in 2006 (and he got it).  But turning his missed opportunity this year into a battle cry of racism is a poor choice.





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