A new 9th planet and its not Pluto

Aloha – After a slow couple of months in the far expanses of space it looks like astronomers believe there is a hidden 9th planet.  In 1969 the British cinema came up with the same notion, except in that case it was a planet with an orbit exactly opposite the Earth on the opposite side of the Sun.  This one is probably a bit chillier than the one identified in that movie that predates most of my readers.  Mathematicians and astronomers are excited about the likelihood that there is a full-sized planet sitting out in the Kuiper Belt.  Let’s consider the options:

  1. a Death Star on it’s way to kill the Earth.  This notion has already been brought up and discarded;
  2. a frozen snow cone (not that unlikely… only question what flavor)
  3. an Earth-like rock that we could drag into an orbit in the Goldilocks zone and begin terra forming (maybe… but if we want to do that we other options nearer to Earth… Ceres and Ganymede for example)
  4. there’s nothing out there… that would certainly be disappointing.

I’m rooting for option 3, with plenty of mineral deposits and vast stores of potable water.  Now all we have to do is figure out how to drag in into a closer orbit :o)






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