Is Professor X of X-men actually a Jedi Warrior

Aloha – It seems quite likely with the Jedi Temples mapped and being explored that eventually the new heroes of Star Wars will have to come to Earth where there is strong evidence that Jedi Warriors may in fact be hiding out here.  Case in point, Professor X from the X-men.  Professor X has the telepathic skills of Obi-Wan Kanobi.  He is able to utilize mind control on weaker minds.  And something that could really help out the Star Wars saga is his ability to use the force to find and identify other mutants, or perhaps in the Star Wars Universe to be able to find others that are strong with the Force.

Sleepy Hollow did a crossover episode with Bones, so X-men crossing over to the world of Star Wars is not without precedent.  I’ll have to admit that I generally like both the heroes and villains of Star Wars more than those of X-men, so the crossover isn’t really necessary :o)  Doc



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