Life supporting planets getting closer

The planets have orbits of 4.9 days, 17.9 days and 67.2 days.

Aloha – While I’m still confident that we’ll find some form of life in one of the existing exo-oceans we have discovered within our own Solar System, news that we have a planet in the goldilocks zone (not too hot or too cold) that is a mere 14 light years from Earth is pretty cool news.  When those planets are discovered 300 light years from Earth the issue of contact (at least for now) is problematic.  But Wolf 1061C is only a hop, skip and a jump across this section of the galaxy.  Several sci-stories over the decades have focused on ophans in the sky, or Ark’s of humanity sent to find a new home.  The most recent of these tales was Interstellar.  Heck we could get an Ark of humanity there in 50 or 60 years with near future technology.  Of course, I’m not sure that I want to bet the farm that Wolf 1062C will actually support life, it is just in the right band of space around it’s star.  Doc





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