Scientists drilling through the Mantle of the Earth

Aloha – I ran across an interesting article this morning about a long-term drilling project to drill 60 miles through the crust of the Earth to the Mantle.  The effort is known as Project Mohole (link to the story will follow).  We could assume that such an effort would (a) create a catastrophic event, (b)reveal untold wealth in minerals, or (c) reveal a whole new world.  I like (c).  My favorite episode of the 1950s Superman series was the attack of the Mole people from beneath the Earth.  Another early favorite movie was Journey to the Center of the Earth.  In that case we get dinosaurs without having to recreate them.  And then we can go way back to Edgar Rice Burroughs and Pellucidar, where an adventurer partcipates in an experiment with a juggernaut that drills into the center of the Earth where we not only have dinosaurs, but much like his John Carter of Mars series, and Tarzan series we have scantily clad beautiful women and less intelligent and strong men to battle with our hero.  Most will agree that the film “The Core” is more likely than Burrough’s or Verne’s expected worlds but why be a pessimist.  The article is located at

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