Is Obama swinging a red or blue light saber?

Leader and Chancellor Obama is in Paris determined what he wants to do about climate change.  Being omniscient is a curse, but he has accepted the mantle of omniscience, as he really doesn’t care what the people or Congress think about the whole thing, he’s going to do what he wants to do, because after all he is the President-Emperor of the United States of America.

The doomsday sayers are gathered to pronounce our extinction in Paris and have determined that there are only a few viable solutions:

  1. The final solution – Eliminate humans from the planet
  2. The Martian – Move all Earthlings to Mars
  3. Death Star – Blow up Earth (oops, they decided this didn’t solve the problem
  4. Turn the planet over to Hogwarts and support he who shall not be named in eradicating Muggles (some argue this is just a variation on option 1.
  5. Amber resurrection – Bring back Raptors and Tyrannasaurus dinosaurs, and release them enmass across the globe.  To avoid military reaction detonate e-bombs across the planet so we have no way to defend against the invasion.
These are just some of the better solutions offered at the conference.




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