Alien Origins of Politicians: Clinton, Trump, Obama, and Carson

Aloha – As the political season is heating up I thought it was time to investigate the possible alien origins of some of the people in the news.  Hillary Clinton is a great candidate for being from another world.  There is even a smoking gun in the form of thousands of emails that obviously were sent to her home world and therefore classified.  I checked with Klaatu’s Intergalactic databases and he indicated that there was a possibility that she escaped when the Empire fell and the Dark side of the Force departed to rebuild.

It has long been suspected that The Donald is related to Howard the Duck.  It is surprising how much himself looks like Jimmy Carter in some younger pictures.  He could possibly be a clone of the last pleasant Democratic President that the U.S. had, but again one who has turned to the Dark Side of the Force.

Robert Heinlein wrote in one of his novels about visiting Oz, so there is a question of whether Oz is on Earth or elsewhere.  Meanwhile, it is clear that in the world of Oz, Barrack Obama is certainly the Wizard, mostly smoke and mirrors.  Other evidence that Oz is not on Earth is indicated in his distain for this foreign world in general.

Ben Carson must be an alien and a fairly recent immigrant at that.  How else can you explain a non-lawyer with a career in the medical profession with actual skills running for President.  I think the last time that happened would have been Calvin Coolidge or Woodrow Wilson.

I’m curious where you think other politicians and presidential candidates may have originated from.



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