Goreified – Day after the day after tomorrow

Aloha – I haven’t had a good end of the world posting for a couple of weeks, but we are back in the news with a couple of options today.  Some of the eco-terrorist scientists are now indicating that between how poorly we are managing the planet, and El Nino in the Pacific that the coral reefs are being bleached.  I’m not sure if that’s all human-kinds fault or not, but we’re getting the primary blame.  Then we have eco-terrorist scientists going back to the hit movie and indicating that the science behind the movie is all to real (after discarding it just five years ago).  They did hypothesize that it would not be quite as dramatic as the movie, but Northern Europe and Great Britain would likely go through another mini-ice age, with temperatures dropping 35 degrees (Fahrenheit), and the oceans would rise between 1 1/2 and 3 feet, which would indeed cause major flooding issues.


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I will acknowledge, as much as I like to mock Goreofiles that the global warming that is happening with or without the help of human-kind is in its cycle, and that the oceans will rise, which also takes us back to the basic cycle of rising waters resulting in cooling temperatures and the potential of another mini-ice age.



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