Goreified – Now we have the Mormon’s declaring the end of the world?

Okay, all these end of the world stories are share came home this weekend.  Now there is a story out there that the Mormons think the blood moon or Super-Moon combined with an eclipse tomorrow night signifies the end of the world.  Great!  Now I can’t go to church tomorrow.

For those familiar with Mormonism beyond the wild anti-Mormon legends and the misconception that the splinter groups are in fact the mainstream of that religion realize this is a bunch of Goreification.  Nonetheless, it grew to a point where LDS Church leadership actually responded to debunk the panic.

Meanwhile, come out from under the beds; no need to duck, roll, and cover.  Rather go out tomorrow night if your skies allow it (Sunday night) and enjoy a sight we won’t see again for about 18 more years.



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