Supersize it Sunday night – The SuperMoon is upon us

Aloha – For many in North America, this Sunday will be the opportunity of the generation.  We have a SuperMoon Lunar Eclipse coming to North America.  The next one is scheduled for 2033; the last one was in 1982.  For many in my generation, this will be a last chance to supersize it.  It will kick off about 6:30 pm Mountain Time and wrap up about 9:30 pm Mountain Time… check local listings for a SuplerMoon near you.

The Moon’s position to light and angles to the Sun will actually make the Moon appear 14% larger than normal.  We may get a blood moon situation from the eclipse that will certainly panic a certain percentage of the population who might miss this news.

The question for me is where to watch it.  I could enjoy it from by 300 sf treehouse, or to avoid the city lights I might take a trip up a local canyon.  For me the verdict is still out.  For you?  Remember, next opportunity is 2033.



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