Billiards with gas giants – The case of the missing 5th gas giant or Snooker

Artist's impression of the missing gas giant planet that may have been ejected from the early solar system. 

Aloha – Back from a great weekend at the Shakespeare festival in Southern Utah.  I seem to have missed a lot.  First, the Pleide asteroid shower, managed to face overcast skies everywhere I went.  Then I return to find that we have a mysterious planet that joins the elite gas giants of the Solar System.

Accordingly to the latest, greatest theory, it was shot into the Solar System, cracked into Neptune, then caromed out, shattering on its way creating ice fields in the Kuiper Belt.  Of course we can speculate a lot of other elements of this including the impact or even creation of Pluto through this misplaced shot.  Meanwhile, at least for now we have a lost world, or in this case, lost planet to go hunting for.  Not sure if God made the pocket shot, or if it has wandered off in another direction.  4 billion years of backtracking are apparently called for :o)

Until informed otherwise, I have dubbed the planet, Snooker.



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