Sci-fi readathon Last four days

Aloha – I discounted all four of the current Demeter series books to 99 cents on Amazon in e-book format.  The intent was to encourage some fun summer reading.  The prices on the Demeter series will return to normal on August 1st, so enjoy the last few days before the Dog Days of Summer start in August.

Start with Demeter

Usually being beaten up and hospitalized by the school bully isn’t considered to be a great turning point in your life. Fifteen year old Ryder faces some of the common challenges of any young man his age: isolation, sibling rivalry, first love, and bullying. Life takes a sudden change when he is invited, along with his sister and five classmates to spend a year abroad.
Read the contract! Instead of going to Europe on Earth Ryder and his friends are conscripted for a year of service in Demeter, an asteroid over a hundred light years from Earth.
The good news is that Ryder gets closer to his classmate Cynthia Flores and he gets to develop his talent at gaming with systems that deal with real life scenarios including saving Demeter itself from invasion. The bad news is that his reckless younger sister has a talent for mischief and disaster. And now, she and Cynthia have been kidnapped and it’s up to Ryder to figure out how to save them before someone kills them all.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Then on to Return to Demeter

After surviving two kidnappings the year before Ryder and his friends think they are done with Demeter. But when a mysterious illness starts manifesting in Ryder’s little sister Debbie the team knows they have to find a way to return to Demeter before its to late. But not all is safe the mysterious planners of the nefarious plots last year are still unknown and the group must survive more attempts on their lives. Will they survive another adventure on Demeter?*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Next, the Demeter trilogy completes with Defending Demeter

All is quiet, or is it? What looks to be a large PerSian invasion fleet is on the edge of Demeter space and the Saggitarian Armada that is supposed to defend Demeter leaves port. This leaves Ryder and his team in a struggle to find a way of defending Demeter with the scraps left behind by the armada.
Meanwhile a secret lurks in the inner tunnels of Demeter that could either save or destroy the planet, and explain the attempts on the team’s lives. Will the team be able to find the answers it needs and resources in time to save Demeter from complete Destruction?*Version*=1&*entries*=0

The fourth book in the series takes Ryder and his friends further into Orion’s Spur and efforts to unite the worlds of the Spur to end the 10,000 years war in Haumeah

Ryder is faced with new dilemmas on every hand. Things are going well with Cynthia, but now he must meet her father. Also to bring peace to the Orion’s Spur he must entrust his life to Debbie, who will be flying him through an asteroid field only so Ryder can attempt to negotiate with the pirates of Haumeah to convince them to have a show down with the Sagittarius league.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Be looking for the conclusion of the series this fall with the release of Vodot.  Meanwhile, enjoy the summer reading fun.



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